A few thoughts on mental health

The other day there was a debate about how to stem the rise in mental health issues - it's sort of like an after thought of sorts that I deliberate on in this short 10-minute video.

It's the age old question I feel, we know what is healthier for us to eat, but how do we improve the sustainability in eating healthier? Same applies for mindset/mental health I feel.. what do you think?

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**Part of what I want to do with The Oglebox is invite conversation and discussion around everyone’s individual life journey's and paths. Discussion on what works for us with there not being a right or wrong; we're all trying to do what we can to thrive within our own lives.

My own Journey has led me here, which was and is releasing these videos and living my truth with an air of vulnerability. Sometimes I talk about things that I know I'm not doing or still am working through, and that’s ok as I’m not here to be the 'the' example but to create discussions, get people thinking, and continue to grow myself (I'm learning loads!!)

I’d love to welcome anyone to participate in a Video conversation or feel free to comment / send a message.

As a society I think we've slightly moved away from working things out publicly for fear of retribution or accusations, which from personal experience leads to mental health problems - shying away from talking about things in what has become a bit of a comparison/smokes and mirrors culture. I often have more questions than I do answers about how society is set up, and love to explore the ins and outs not only for myself, but with others. It was for this reason I launched The Oglebox, for myself as well as others & I look forward to opening a community with you all surrounding these types of discussions.**