Conversations Worth Having: New Normal and Creating Communities

Today we take a little dive into what is happening with the world, and an exploration of each generations role as we proceed ever further into uncharted territory.

We also have a new face today joining the conversation, Jenny - with whom it was wonderful to finally meet face-to-face (of sorts).

Below is an intro from my Dad about the video that I've stolen from his sharing!

"A first for The Oglebox as Jenny Lynn joins us for a conversation on creating community and what comes next as a 'new Normal'.

Actually Jenny initiated this conversation and technically we joined her... Jenny is doing some amazing work in her community over in Dunmow - Essex ------ Otis is beginning to generate a real 'take action' community within his age group as the idea of "conversations worth having" begins to gain momentum... I for my own part am an active member of Link4Growth an organisation set up in 2011 exactly for the times we now find ourselves in and for encouraging us all to come together have conversations and co-create solutions for a new future with no judgement...

We're going to need some new thinking for where we are heading... and we're going to need all the generations to get involved one way or another...."

You can find information on Jenny's Get Diggin It project and therapy practice below:

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