Conversations Worth Having: The Art of Giving and Receiving

Do you define yourself as a giver/people pleaser? What does it even mean to be a receiver on the other hand, let alone be comfortable with it?

There are a lot of nuances to giving and receiving, for me personally, if somebody does something "for" me, it tips the scales slightly, and I feel guilty or spend energy trying to give back in someway to that person. What are the driving forces behind this guilt, why do we find it hard to accept support or receive compliments/gifts?

I recognise that giving is something I enjoy doing, without expectation of return, but I find it hard to create the space to receive, which is to bereft people the chance to do what makes them feel good (by my definition, at least) which is to give. I make it difficult because I avoid that "guilt". I equal the scales either at the time, or very quickly.

As always some of these explorations are happening post conversation, which is always interesting because I've listened back to the video and what we've said. I think often we can look at ourselves and realise where our scales are slightly skewered, and it may be different from person to person or situation to situation. As a child in the child/parent relationship, I am used to being the receiver, and i'd imagine the parent a giver, however it's different with friends or colleagues alike.

We also take a look at what it means to give as a business owner. How much we deem is enough to give, before something is expected in return, whether it appreciation or money or some other form of re-balance on the scales.

Finally we finish on what it means to ask, how that's tied into receiving and also our self-worth. Quite an interesting revelation for me was a new perspective my Dad offered on my home depot analogy toward the end!

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