CWH: Taking each day with the Spirit of an Adventurer!

Good afternoon everybody, ran out of time yesterday to get the video we recorded up, so here it is now, it's about tackling life with the spirit of an adventurer.

An interesting discussion - as per usual it's multi-faceted, it can be looked at in many ways. On one hand, how can you tackle the normalities of life with the spirit of an adventurer if nothing is new? No new opportunities or new things happening, but if you are content then is there a problem with that?

What if just picking up a book and reading something, which leads to a new perspective or shift in mindset about something, then leads to actually seeing more opportunities or a desire to change something which you didn't even realise you wanted changing before?

Another angle is that we all have things that happen to us that perhaps make us say "Why me?" Or "I wish that hadn't happened" - closely aligned to a trigger or something. Well, that too we can face with the spirit of an adventurer, choosing to surrender to life's flow and what it throws at us - a mindset shift to well what's done is done, I will still choose to be positive despite what has entailed. Speaking from experience still, this is often harder said than done of course!

My girlfriend, Jen, told me a story that I think wrapped this up nicely. When she went travelling, she'd spend some time drawing up an itinerary for where she was going, which she then found to be limiting. She'd meet new people, and have opportunities to go and do things with them, but had to stick to a plan she'd made before even setting off... as she continued her travelling she made less and less forward plans in order to see what cropped up when she actually got to where she was going!

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**Part of what I want to do with The Oglebox is invite conversation and discussion around everyone’s individual life journey's and paths. Discussion on what works for us with there not being a right or wrong; we're all trying to do what we can to thrive within our own lives.

My own Journey has led me here, which was and is releasing these videos and living my truth with an air of vulnerability. Sometimes I talk about things that I know I'm not doing or still am working through, and that’s ok as I’m not here to be the 'the' example but to create discussions, get people thinking, and continue to grow myself (I'm learning loads!!)

I’d love to welcome anyone to participate in a Video conversation or feel free to comment / send a message.

As a society I think we've slightly moved away from working things out publicly for fear of retribution or accusations, which from personal experience leads to mental health problems - shying away from talking about things in what has become a bit of a comparison culture. It was for this reason I launched The Oglebox, for myself as well as others & I look forward to opening a community with you all surrounding these types of discussions.**