CWH: Talking about Health with Sonny!

Hi everybody,

Me and Sonny have had (like most people) different journey's into taking responsibility for our own health, and we're constantly learning and evolving and trying new things in order to lead healthier lives in relation to what works for us. Healthy in that regard is subjective.. perhaps!

Nonetheless, I was somebody that found myself going to the gym at quite an early age, and within that I built up an association with other things I was doing with my life. If I didn't go to the gym, I would be less interested in eating healthy for that day, almost doubling down/catastrophic thinking... when my back issues came along this was a recipe for disaster as I could no longer go to the gym, that led to a bunch of problems becasue of that association I'd built up. It also had a knock on effect for my self-worth which I've talked about before. It did lead to questions though, like how could I do things differently to still work my body out... How do I enable eating healthily without a condition (going to the gym)... how do I come to grips with that concept which was almost hard-wired at that juncture? What even is living healthily and why did I put so much stock in it requiring a gym membership?

Sonny on the other hand has more recently got involved with the gym (2-3 years? This is a guess, he can confirm haha), and has had periods where he couldn't/didn't go - and has also battled (and still does, just like me) with the association and how we can let other things go when we've built up those conditions on other decisions in our lives.

It's a really interesting conversation and one I thoroughly enjoyed - so thanks again for coming along Sonny Innes-dunbar and I look forward to the future ones we also have planned!

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**Part of what I want to do with The Oglebox is invite conversation and discussion around everyone’s individual life journey's and paths. Discussion on what works for us with there not being a right or wrong; we're all trying to do what we can to thrive within our own lives.

My own Journey has led me here, which was and is releasing these videos, living my truth and sharing my observations with an air of vulnerability. Sometimes I talk about things that I know I'm not doing or still am working through, and that’s ok as I’m not here to be the 'the' example but to create discussions, get people thinking, and continue to grow myself (I'm learning loads!!)

As a society I think we've moved away from working things out or sharing how we feel(observe) about things because we don't want to be put in one bucket or another. We're always evolving, a vegan has likely eaten meat at some point in their lives, and within that analogy I think is the idea I'm trying to highlight. I don't think I have the answers, or have figured things out, I'm just passionate about entering the arena to have the discussions and learn and grow amongst my peers, and I'm passionate about enabling that for others. **