CWH: The future belongs to women...?

So last Wednesday some of you may have seen the first debate (that I shared here in Oglebox) hosted by L4G about the subject "The future belongs to women" - the original post introducing the debate, and the subsequent blog post written in 2014 which stirred the conversation, can be found on the link below

Firstly I'd like to thank Rebekah for coming on to share her thoughts on the blog post and debate that took place, which she listened to before our chat seen below! I very much enjoyed the conversation and think there are soooo many ways of looking at this, all of which comes down to our own personal journeys and perspectives, not to mention generationally - with an ever-evolving world surrounding this topic.

Secondly I'd like to invite you to take a listen, and maybe share your own thoughts or comments on this subject. Further still, if you've anything you'd like to have a conversation about (anyyyything!) and hop on yourself, just send a message and we can get it set up!

I'd try and give a synopsis of the conversation, but we cover a heck of a lot of ground and it'd end up being a blog post in itself, all I can say is that it's surrounding the work place / society / expectations and how that works for the individuals out there in the world for both women and men.

See you again tomorrow for a video with @chrisogle!

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