CWH: Thorns Pt 1


I'm feeling a bit under the weather today so am not going to write much accompanying yesterday's recorded conversation - that said:

We take a look at thorns, firstly exploring my own journey through getting to the point of uploading videos, and how I wanted to stay in my comfort zone that was writing - and the thorn that was fear of what people would say/think - the rest of the video takes a similar line in fear of what people will think across meeting new people/public speaking or recording a video.

Talking in front of a camera is an interesting challenge, there is a lot going through the mind when you're doing it, you're aware that somebody is going to be watching, and so it makes it public and different. With the switch of a button that says "recording..." suddenly it complicates things. I think maybe a lack of fluidity, forgetting what you're saying, going off course or thinking you're going off course, and then that getting in the way of what you're actually saying, resulting in you going off course.... these sort of challenges are shared in things like public speaking, or meeting new people. Even once you've finished recording, a new set of issues arise as you edit and re-watch the video, and you get to posting the video or blog, those that have read my letter to myself, might remember my "to post or not to post". dilemma's. Interestingly meeting new people is something we're all currently not able to do much of, and so we're not having conversations outside of our immediate circles. Instead a lot of us have taken to FB where we're propagating our opinions and perspectives into our communities but if somebody disagrees do they engage in friendly debate? Or is it stand-off-ish and rude? It becomes a challenge then, in continuing to share your opinion, the thorn is I dislike the confrontation/judgement and thus I will keep my opinions to myself, and avoid meeting new people perhaps, or at least telling them anything you really think or feel. It's a challenge in the first respect of putting yourself in the position of a conversation, how to navigate it, dealing with internal reflections etc etc let alone the fact it's been made harder to even have conversations because of the situation we currently find ourselves in, but I do think it's a necessary thing we do about important things going on in our respective lives right now.

Public speaking has a lot of the same issues, especially if we're selling our own product or service, or if we're expressing an opinion perhaps. It's chock full of self-reservations and easy ways to avoid or steer clear of the "thorn" with carefully thought out plasters that we put on them...

I think part 2 pretty much kicks off talking about those plasters we put on... (lol not much, he said)

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