CWH: Thorns Pt.2


Starting off a little confused from me with the analogy my Dad was painting with the thorns and creating coping mechanisms avoiding the thorn, as opposed to challenging it face on.

Life has a way of always prodding at your thorn, where something will arise that hurts that particular issue or thing that stirs up uncomfortable feelings in you, and you build another coping mechanism on top, perhaps avoiding similar situations that stir those feelings again. Those coping mechanisms become ever more elaborate as we keep avoiding the thorn which is the crux of the issue.

One of the biggest things, which I myself have struggled with is using drugs and/or alcohol to numb from the problems that are the thorn. This is something that ends up cyclic or at least did for me, the problem is always still there in the morning, and you end up down a path of self-loathing as well.

Some more light-heart thorns after that, sand between the feet, jacob's crackers and being in the sun.

In summary, with these "thorns" it's only ever an issue if it's an issue. It requires the reflection. You might dislike the sun because it makes you sticky and you don't like that which might be reasonable, but if if you know in your head it's being used to avoid a social situation for example, then it might need more thought on what's going on.. the same is true of any thorn I guess, they're complex and elusive. Figure out their importance in terms of how they might limit (or not) your life and deal with them accordingly. If you fear spiders and you've no interests that would be prohibited by a spider crossing your path, then it's not a big priority.

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