CWH: Who are you? Who Am I?

Hello everybody!

Recorded this on Wednesday (my birthday) but have had a manic few days and so only just getting round to uploading. Back to normal schedule next week, which for anyone interested looks a bit like this now:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - videos with (currently) Dad - but anybody is welcome to hop on and have a conversation about something that interests them, that I can pick their brains over or we can get into a discussion about. If this interests you, send me a message!

Thursday/Friday - New "Don't quote me on this" segment, just me on my todd looking at some quotes and what they mean to me / how they've changed over the years. I might also get into some psychology here, extracting bits out of books I'm reading and diving a bit deeper into their meanings.

Some writing/blogs will be flittered between, but at current I'm not finding the time for these, although it is something I'm mindful of and want to get back to doing.

Anyways, to the video enclosed, a really interesting conversation in my opinion, one I'm thoroughly intrigued to hear some thoughts on. It is on the longer side, but such a potent question as "Who Am I?" requires such conversations in my eyes.

So, how do you answer the question "Who are you?"

If you liked (or disliked) the conversation, please do share your thoughts in the comments - and if you'd like to share it please feel free to do so.

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