Discipline and structure - what does it mean to you?

Another slightly longer than the usual 30-minute video here on discipline and structure.

A rather large subject, and subjective it is depending your journey thus far. For me, it comes in many parts and infuses with integrity a little bit.

There is a blend I feel in ensuring you have some decent disciplines/structures that support whatever you want to achieve, but also not being so rigid as to avoid opportunities that arise... it's also important that you don't beat yourself up too much for some yo-yo-ish behaviour early doors as you're building the habit - that can lead to catastrophe thinking which I'm all to familiar with (overwhelm can also stir this).

It's a skill, and like anything else, it requires practice and sometimes some external factors play a part, like timing, children, relationships, work, weather - they can all test your resilience and sometimes it's just not the right time. It's rarely a zero to hero situation, but consciously trying and having the conversations with yourself about what you want to improve is a step in the right direction. For me it takes several attempts before it sticks, but I'm grateful that I'm learning how to be more disciplined when external things are thrown at me, as my resilience improves.

One thing I also learned, is that books or tips you may read can be tailored to fit within your life/parameters. Things such as the miracle morning, which says 6 things to do before 8am, can be done later in the day if work or other life things get in the way. There is a reason it suggests before 8am, but if it's not do-able then it's not imperative.

More often than not there is a reason we've decided to implement some structure or a discipline. Something we're not happy with that requires an effort and consistency to improve. When I went through my depression (by no means saying I've "completed" depression haha) my structure all but disappeared. I wasn't disciplined, my self-worth was super low and I was letting myself down constantly (in those sort of "I'm going to do this" and then not doing it internal conversations). In fact, I'd say the structure/discipline all falling away was a factor in my depression. What caused them to fall away I'll have to get into another time - otherwise this will be a gargantuan post.

Over the years I was doing a lot of figuring out, that's the thing with being unhappy, it makes you question things.. why? What's changed to the last 10 years where I seemed happy? As I said before I'll have to tell that story another time - but the unhappiness spiralled further reaching a stage of knowing what I had to do (reading/self-development/growth), but still not applying. Why was it so difficult? I've always said I think this sort of stuff is 2-pronged, you can read the information and people will throw out statistics like "only 5% end up applying this knowledge".. so, what.. 95% of the people having read it didn't want to do any of it? That statistic points more to the fact it's a whole different thing knowing something than putting it into action yourself. All sorts of stuff can contribute to making that difficult - society/friends/family/habits/community/location/work/health/money - pretty much everything.

I digress, the point is I had to implement structure, and I had to erode the fear I had surrounding some things at my core I wanted to do. I needed discipline in order to continue building on my development, to get my health(back issues - stretching) in check, to eat well and support my immune system but most of all to give my day order around all the things I KNOW benefit me and keep me heading toward my goals. I had to stop wanting things that didn't align with that, I had to learn some frugality lessons and it all required discipline and a shift in my entire lifestyle...

I'm still building on those now, and the biggest step for me was recognising that wherever I am is where I'm meant to be. If I have a day and don't achieve the things I had set out to do, I look for there to be a reason, a lesson to learn. I found a peace from that at each intervention, as I quickly let it go and let myself off, and got back on with things - striving to do it next time. Isn't that what life's about? Learning, growing, being a better version of yourself tomorrow? This style of thinking was the step I needed in conviction with my disciplines/structures - I knew I needed to start loving to look after myself.

This was matched a little with timing, there is something to be said about asking questions continuously and not living in accordance to what you "expect" of yourself whilst the years go by. I got to a sort of fed up kind of stage - there's a saying I think that you need to build a picture of what you want, which can be motivating, but also sometimes there is something to run away from, and for me I could picture where I was headed should I have continued the way I was - all of that apathy any longer was too painful.

The video goes a little bit into some different ways of looking at both discipline and structure. For instance, like building the skill of "discipline" and how that has a ripple effect outwards, you become dependable, doing what you said you were going to do. Those kind of things and the positivity it breeds can be infectious.

Anyways, I've rambled on enough, think we're (Chris Ogle) going to have a go at a Facebook Live tomorrow - no idea what we're going to talk about but want to see how it all works.

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