Do we take our health for granted?

A little conversation with my Dad again this time some insight to me and my back problems I was exposed to at the age of 23. How does it effect our mindset, our willpower, our well-being, and do we even know it's happening until such a time that we're afforded hindsight?

It's interesting to see how such big events in your life can shape what you're doing and who you've come.

It's also interesting to observe how differently I view my back problems 7 years ago vs today!

Can you identify a time in your life that had great impact, but with hindsight you look at it differently to how you once did? Did it shape how you then navigated life, and led you to where you are and the skills you have?

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If anybody has any topics they'd like to have a conversation on, I'd like to continue to extend the invite for anybody to join in and participate at the end of each thing I post. Just drop me a message and we can sort it out! I have no idea about what this could grow into or be, but I want to try and have conversations about what is happening in the world, politics, mental health, reflecting, spirituality or whatever you may want to talk about, with as much effort to be free of judgement and ego and remain compassionate and understanding. It's fun to do it with my Dad, and i'll continue that regardless, but it'd be fun to have other people on and record some stuff! Typically nasty or judgemental people won't want to get involved because it's exposing and easier to hide behind a keyboard, that's why I think bringing the conversation to LIFE via videos is so important to our growth as a human race