Doing what you said you were going to do

Conversation on doing what you said you were going to do.. how it effects our self-worth, our integrity, our relationships. We set internal plans, and then aren't very efficient do-ers (well, i'm not haha)

I always look for ways to improve this. Sometimes we set unrealistic expectations on ourselves, trying to take too big a bite, and we yo-yo in and out of plans/doing (diets etc).

In the pastI've said yes to things, despite full well knowing I wouldn't be going, there was something about wanting to avoid letting the person down to their face. I would say I'll try or maybe, or sometimes even yes, putting myself through the ringer of making up a reasonable excuse as to not attend. Why?

Interesting conversation as always, with loads of reflections, going to leave it there and write a longer separate post on it tomorrow.. something I may make somewhat of a routine. Often run out of time to write what's on my mind after watching the video back, and then delay posting it to write, so instead i'm going to try keep the accompanying text with videos shorter:)