Don't Quote Me On This! A new project!

Hey everyone!

Start of a new series I've wanted to do for a while - some solo videos looking into quotes and what they mean to me and how they've perhaps changed in meaning to me over time.

Initially I entitled the series "Quotes Untangled" (Which you'll see on the video) but then landed on "Don't Quote Me On This" as I wanted to ensure it was communicated that it is only my perspective and thoughts - and a place for me to contemplate and practice my orating further on my own!

I've no idea where it'll lead, or what I'm doing it for yet, but it feels like a natural progression for me and hence here we are.

These videos will be a little more bite-sized than the conversations, and there will of course be some overlap, but I hope for them to be a little more targeted due to being about a quote, but even those can be complex in their meaning, and up for interpretation.

So today's quote is "There is more time wasted whilst working than doing nothing" and I've three main points that I go over - if you do have a chance to watch, let me know what you think!

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