Exploring the Father/Son relationship

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When I told my counsellor I was recording conversations with my Dad, and I eluded to a few of the subjects and he got to know me and my perspective / opinions, he told me it was something he'd never quite heard before. That I was very fortunate to have such a bond, and to be able to have conversations with him in such a way, with such openness and transparency.

I reflected on that, and mine and my Father's relationship, how it had changed throughout the course of my life and what led us (and enabled us) to get to this point?

What better way to explore that than with the man himself, my Dad. We go through the journey that was our relationship, it's ups and it's downs and how we got to recording videos today, here and now.

I am humbled and grateful to be able to have somebody in my life that thinks so similarly to me, supports me and helps me to grow, whilst also being my Father.

Interestingly after recording/sharing this, I am reflecting on the idea that there is separation in those two statements. Somebody who listens, supports, unconditionally loves, helps grow, allows a space for somebody to find their own ideas and paths with relentless encouragement and positiveness. That somebody can come in many forms, Mother, Sister, Brother, friend, partner - and so i'm grateful that mine has come in Father form, at a time when I needed it most..

Of course if the relationship (and this is true of Mum's and Dad's) is mostly absent, like mine and my Dad's once was, then there are reflections to be had on the why's, and the implications to our mindset with that absence

This is a little universe-provides-esque, but my Dad 'appeared' back into my life at exactly the right time, at the peak of my depression, at a time where he was able to help me where before I didn't need it. He started messaging me everyday (which is spoken about in the video), without fail, at the exact time I needed it. He didn't know what I was experiencing, he had his own agenda, but it was damn near perfect timing.

The same is true with my Sister too, as he sent those same messages to her, day in and day out, she too needed the support at that time, where they might've failed one another in building a meaningful relationship before, it manifested that they re-connected exactly when they needed to.

I'll end it there before I squabble on much longer!

As always, the conversation is open and anyone can come get involved, something you want to get off your chest, something you want to ask or discuss, sharing your story or discoveries, just send me a message, happy to talk in private too of course :)