Fear, Generational Comparisons and the Importance of Conversations!

Slightly longer one today folks. Please do listen to the end, as it could be perceived a littttle doomy gloomy to start =P

I think as a society, a lot of us live in or experience fear on a daily basis. Whether it's to do this or to do that, share something or not, or changing our behaviour and/or actions to adhere to somebody's expectations (i.e, fearful of being or saying what we want for fear of retribution).

Fear comes in many forms, and we only touched on a few in this video before moving onto generational differences and the expectations bestowed upon us by our parents, peers and environment/society. We've gone through such technological advancements over the course of 3 generations, that the perspectives are polarising from one to the other. The world looks very different every 10 years, and yet we have guidelines and expectations on what success is and what it's meant to look like, how can we re-connect our generations to co-create better futures?

Conversations... which is where we end the video, if more people conversed on the basis of having a "perspective" not the "right" way, then we would be able to have more compassionate and vulnerable conversations free of ego and judgement, where it is safe to express your opinion, and, through the art of conversation in a balanced and free-of-hate way, people can change or form new opinions and/or perspectives free of the idea that they've been hoodwinked or convinced or propoganda'd into it, they've just listened and got stuck in with conversations with other people, which will 100% make us more well-rounded, balanced and understanding individuals.

As always, here to learn, grow and converse, so if anything you relate or disagree with or want to say, happy to talk in private, via the comments, or if you fancy hopping on for a video we can share here also