How far technology has come on, and it's impact on us all differently

Longer video today - 50 or so minutes... but lots of interesting stuff in there, including some props from back in Chris Ogle's day - quite interesting to see!

We've had some crazy changes over the last 120 years in particular, and when you line that up in history, it's really interesting to put into perspective. I caught myself wondering about what people would get up to in say the 1500's or the 1600's or even the 1700's. What were the advancements? Were people excited over upcoming new... things? Were they pondering? What about?

It got me to thinking about what has manifested in order for us to get to where we are, and what kind of changes happened throughout history that had as significant an impact as we have had. What changed the game for people's day-to-day, literally changing the way things were?

One such example is discussed in the video, the printing press, which gave ability to print copies of text as opposed to by hand, which you can imagine improved education and people's ability to learn. More people learning to read.. people's expertise could be shared more widely. It literally would've changed people's day to days, and over a few or more generations even greater impact as children are taught to read/write and the world gets a little more connected / civilised (somewhat). More opportunity for the everyday person...

Now when you look at the last 50 or 70 years, you can see how many technological advancements have been made, in such a short span of time in comparison to the history books. Social media, internet, phones, storage - everything getting smaller but more powerful... but what does this bring to the table for the everyday person? What are the impacts to our day to days, and how has it created new issues (mental health) that have never been so rife. How has it contributed in what values we prioritise, or how we evaluate our purpose in this life? What are the ramifications of being able to get all that information from a handheld device - and share freely our thoughts and opinions?

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