Meditation - What is it, and do you do it?

A little look at meditation and zazen and what the differences can be from person to person when you say "meditate". Some use it to clear the mind, some use it to solve specific problems, some use it to self-reflect or work through something internally.

It's different from person to person, and can be used in different ways depending what your goals are or what you're setting out to achieve. I've always done it to clear the mind, and it takes regular practice and consistency in order to do that. That's part of why I love it, I see it as a challenge and something I can improve on as a skill every time I do it, and even if it's what I might call a "bad" meditation, it is the effort that counts.

One of the clear benefits for me is using it to deal with overwhelm when my mind is chattering away ten to the dozen... as I continued to meditate in these times, I got better and better at quietening that voice. As such, I've noticed that when I'm triggered or feeling like I'm about to have a bad spell, I naturally am able to enter that meditative state of mind, even if only for 30 seconds. Sometimes that's all you need in order to re-assess with a fresh set of eyes on whatever has triggered or happened to you.

Do you meditate? What gets you into that state more easily, focusing on your breath or maybe a mantra? Focusing on a specific "space" when your eyes are shut?

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