"Reflect" - Do you do it? Why is it useful? Can we utilise it to achieve our goals and aspirations?

A short conversation with my pops on the tool that is #reflecting...

Things happen to us continuously that seem to get in the way, or take things of course to how we planned.

How do we deal with these things, and how can we make time to reflect on certain situations or behaviours, and apply positive meaning to them?

It took me a great many years to see the #positive in my back problems, but it was the introduction of reflecting (and doing #gratitude work) that has allowed me to apply meaning and realise a great many #positives that have come out of my raised #awareness with my body.

How we choose to #reflect, and how we decide to look at things, can have a direct effect on our outlook and #mindsets going forward.

Do you take time out of your day or week to #reflect? Are there pivotal times in your life that you apply great positive meaning to, even if it appeared negative or a hindrance at the time?

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