The universe is a funny old thing...

Must've been super humbling to have written a post entitled "if you haven't got your health" and then days later to have had your health pulled from under you as you join the unenviable group of people with back issues.

This is what happened to my Dad.

You can check out the original blog post "if you haven't got your health" here:

and then the subsequent reflection on having his back go, and what it meant for and to him now.

As somebody who also had major back issues since the age of 23, I empathise heavily with some of the issues and reflections - to the point where it's inspiring to talk of my own battle with my health, and no longer being able to do what i wanted, when i wanted. We certainly take it for granted, and it's a more than interesting read.

A snippet below

No sooner had I put the finishing touches to the blog piece on "If you haven't got your Health..." than the universe decided to re-enforce the message through taking my health away from me.

It is true to say I have been blessed with good health with hardly any days off sick in my working life. That track record has not been compromised as I can still work, although now for the second time in 57 years I find myself amongst the unenviable group of back pain sufferers.

I don't know how it happened, possibly a slight twist of the back at the wrong time, and then a gradual increase in pain over the week as the 'Pinching of a nerve' played out across my lower back. Although easing a little now, the pain returns swiftly and uncompromisingly to remind me, I'm still here... if I do not proceed with the utmost of caution in these 'tender days' of recuperation.

I could have sided with the views of my 'late mother' who I can hear (and see) now saying, "I told you not to write that 'blog post' you were tempting fate for sure and now look what has happened."  A caring / loving viewpoint, but not too positive or encouraging as was often her style.  I had become a victim of my own earlier decision to write about the importance of health she would have knowingly surmised.