Your cells are conscious... this explains and correlates a lot!!

Listened to Russel and Bruce quite a lot on their own, great to see them come together and tie a few things up rather poetically. It's short, concise and well worth a watch.

This video really sums up a lot of my thoughts and the ensuing questions I have when looking at society and what the motives are behind certain decisions / priorities. It's why I started The Ogle Box - because I feel we have to ask why a lot in regards to what we're doing/told, I felt an attraction to spirituality and discovering the sense of self - who even are "we"? Who Am I? How much is contributed to that via society / environment?

How much control do we have, can we empower ourselves?

Part way through the video Russel says he is trying to work out a few things

" 1) How to countenance our current systems of domination with a spiritual message 2) Help people that have been cynical about religion because of the historic crimes and complications of religion 3) to empower people within their own lives to transcend their own limitations of their programming 4) To decentralise power, somewhat so it's like a membrane across the skin rather than a centralised nucleus of domination (makes sense if you watch the video)

The challenge that will be faced trying to popularise these ideas is that the messenger is attacked and discredited because as Bill Hick says, they've got a lot of money invested in that ride. "

I feel the same sense of purpose with the points outlined above, and the same fear.. it is a challenge much deliberated upon.

It begs the question (for me) how much is censored, how much is influenced, science has become so dogmatic and controlled - there is an article that Bruce Lipton mentions that was in the Journal Nature the British Journal - one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world and it looks at the quantum mechanics and physics - how much do we really know?

It's entitled The Mental Universe by Richard Conn Henry and can be found here to read:

It ends with the below, and how beautiful is that last sentence...

"One benefit of switching humanity to a correct perception of the world is the resulting joy of discovering the mental nature of the Universe. We have no idea what this mental nature implies, but — the great thing is — it is true. Beyond the acquisition of this perception, physics can no longer help. You may descend into solipsism, expand to deism, or something else if you can justify it — just don't ask physics for help.

There is another benefit of seeing the world as quantum mechanical: someone who has learned to accept that nothing exists but observations is far ahead of peers who stumble through physics hoping to find out ‘what things are’. If we can ‘pull a Galileo,’ and get people believing the truth, they will find physics a breeze.

The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy."